Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Egg Sandwich on Flax Roll

My apologies for being so lax on my postings the last couple of weeks. I am busy on a very exciting project that I cannot discuss at this time. Hopefully very soon, I will be able to tell you all about it!!

In the meantime, here are a few recipes to tide you over! Thanks to everyone for following and be sure to sign up to the right of the page under "subscribe via email". This will automatically email you each new post without having to go to the blog to check for yourself!!

I hope you all are surviving the heat! I am so excited for fall, I can hardly stand it!

I hope you enjoy this delicious egg sandwich!

1 flax roll (see previously posted recipe)
1 small handful spinach
a few slices of red onion
feta cheese
1 free range egg
red chili flakes
salt & freshly ground pepper
blueberries (or fruit of your choice)

slice your flax roll in half and spread on butter
toast in the oven or toaster oven for a crispy texture
while the flax roll is toasting, put a couple of pads of butter in your pan and begin to saute the onion
when onions begin to become translucent, add the spinach and saute briefly before adding the egg
season with salt, pepper and chili chili flakes 

*Personally, I like to almost fry my egg and then barely scramble at the end, but please make you eggs the way you like them! *

remove the flax roll and add the egg to make your sandwich

*I like to add a little siracha for a little added spice!

plate it up and add your fruit

*I really enjoyed my breakfast with a cup of decaf coffee and almond milk! Yummmmm!

Eat slowly, savor and enjoy!

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